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24K Pure Gold Face Mask

24K Pure Gold Face Mask

Blu Essentials 24K Pure Gold Face Mask is high in antioxidants and minerals and helps renew skin and improve blood flow. It slows down depletion of collagen and the sagging of skin caused by the elastin breaking down, stimulates the growth of new cells, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Best suited for: All Skin

50mL 24K Pure Gold Face Mask - MRP Rs. 750.00 (inclusive of all taxes) Rs. 15.00 per g

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Care & Patch Test

A patch test is advisable before adding a new product to your routine. Apply the product to your skin and observe for the next 24 hours. If there’s no reaction, you can apply the product. If the skin is sensitive, continue the test for 7 days. This helps ensure you are not allergic to any ingredient. If irritation occurs, please discontinue the product and consult a dermatologist.


Our products are made from natural ingredients and are lab tested. All ingredients do not suit all skin types and user should take care and follow the Care & Patch Test before applying the products on hair, skin or body. Products should be stored in a cool & dry place to avoid moisture retention & dirt accumulation. Product should be used within the date of expiry to activate the full potent of ingredients.

Statutory Product Information

Product Name: 24K Pure Gold Face Mask

Manufactured By: Natures Indulgence, No:15/1, Sarkar para road,Kalipur, Purbo Nischintapur, Budge Budge, Kolkata, West Bengal, India- 700 138

Country of Origin: India

Common Name: 24K Pure Gold Face Mask

Date of Manufacturing: JAN 2023

Expiry Date: JAN 2025

Batch Number: BATCH.GM.F10

MRP: 24K Pure Gold Face Mask 50mL g [MRP Rs. 750.00 (inclusive of all taxes), Rs. 15.00 per mL]

Net Quantity: 50mL

Unit of Measure: mL

Cost per ml/gram: 50mL 24K Pure Gold Face Mask - Rs. 15.00 per mL

Customer Care Information: Blu Essentials, A unit of Natures Indulgence, TS-84, Industrial Estate Ekkatuthangal, 3rd floor, Chennai - 600 032 Tamil Nadu, India. Contact us at +91-87 54 50 34 07 or email us at

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How do I use it?

Step 1:

If you have makeup on, take it off by double-cleansing the skin and unclog pores which will allow the face mask to penetrate deeper.

Step 2:

To boost the efficacy of the mask, try taking a hot shower to open up the pores and get them ready to accept the ingredients. A facial steamer, or simply a hot cloth on the face, can help.

Step 3:

Make sure that the skin is completely dry and apply 24K Pure Gold Face Mask with a mask brush all over your face. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes and then slowly peel it off and remove the excess with a soft cloth. Follow it up with a Blu Essentials Face Serum for best results.

Here’s why we are naturally the best

Our ingredients are naturally sourced and products are carefully formulated and tested over time to ensure best results suiting all skin types

Primary Ingredients

Our products are made from the best quality natural ingredients which are gentle on the skin yet effective with active elements for best and fastest results

  • Triethanolamine

    As an emulsifier or stabilizer, triethanolamine helps the ingredients of the mask last longer maximize the effect of all the ingredients on the surface of the skin.

  • Acrylates

    Acrylates are derived from acrylic acid and are commonly allow the ingredients of the mask to bind and stick to the surface of the skin for better cleansing.

  • Cetareth 20

    Ceteareth-20 functions as an emollient, surfactant and emulsifier. It acts as facial moisturizer, conditioner, anti-aging treatment, conditioner, cleanser, sunscreen, exfoliant/scrub, depilatory cream and acne treatment.

  • Natural Fragrance

    Face mask contains 100% natural fragrance from natural ingredients. No chemicals or fragrances are used, rather natural ingredients are used for a pleasing fragrance.

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Other Ingredients

24K Pure Gold Face Mask contains
▪ Glycerine
▪ Acrylates
▪ Copolymer
▪ Stearic Acid
▪ Cetostearyle Alcohol
▪ Cetareth 20
▪ Titanium Dioxide
▪ Triethnolamine
▪ Dimethyl Hydantoin
▪ Natural Fragrance

Ask us why?

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What Age Group Can Use This Product?

Recommended age for use of this product is 18 and above.

Is This A Unisex Product?

Yes. This product is a unisex product. It suits both women & men.

Can Expecting And Breastfeeding Mothers Use This Product?

Yes. This product is for external use only and is safe for expecting and breastfeeding mothers.

Does This Product Contain Essential Oils?

Yes. This product contains pure essential oils.

Does The Scent Of The Product Change Over Time?

Scent of the product remains stable till the shelf life.

Does The Colour Of The Oil Change Over Time?

Colour of the product remains stable till the shelf life.

What Is The Shelf Life Of This Product?

This product is best before 48 months from the date of manufacturing.

Easy To Use Products

Blu Essential natural wellness products are easy to use and DIY products minutely curated keeping in mind the fast paced life and less time we spend on self care

Natural. Tested. Certified.

Each and every ingredient and formulation of ours undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets statutory standards. We are committed to use natural products with active ingredients which are gentle and deliver better results with every use